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  France 2008

We took the opportunity to celebrate Denise's birthday by traveling to France and Corsica in August. We were also able to carve out a couple of days to make a side trip to Cologne, Germany to reunite with our German exchange student Maike and meet her family.

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Denise and Mark ready to depart DFW

Claire and Bailey

Noel and Debbie

Denise on the trip from Paris-Orly Airport to Chevannes

Notice her right leg is over the seat in front of her. We had 8 people and luggage all in one mini van. Thankfully it was a short trip.

The view from our house in Chevannes

Bailey with one of her first (ahem) legal beers at a cafe in Paris

Street view in Paris

Debbie and Denise on the Metro Paris bus

Claire and Bailey in their element -- shopping in Paris

One of the local markets

Produce doesn't look as good here in Texas

On the other hand, there's not much you can do with fish

Sampling champagne at G. H. Mumm.

Bailey and Denise outside of G.H. Mumm

Driving thru the Champagne region

Monet's pond

This shot sort of snuck up on me. That sucker is huge!

Proof that Mark did indeed stroll on Champs-Elysees

Lunchtime on Corsica

Now I really understand why Eurpoean cars are so small

The view from our villa on Corsica

The Barez - 43 feet of pure cruising joy.

This is the largest sailboat that I've ever been on. Next to the other ships in the Bonifacio harbor it looked like a dinghy.

Limestone cliffs at Bonifacio

Bailey on board the Barez

Captain Bob, Noel and Marianne


Nino is the granddaughter of some of Noel's friends. I tried during the entire week on Corsica to get her to warm up to me but she was too shy.

Mark and Bailey with Jean Paul and his wife

Bailey is holding a "medium" beer

It's not a pastry shop, it's an art gallery. The creations they make are simply the best in the world

Tai chi in the park

Our stop during the last day in Paris

Bailey at Monet's garden

Our transportation between Paris and Cologne

What a treat to read a novel while the French countryside is blasting by.

Dinner with the Hoffmann family in Pulheim Germany

Ursula, Nikki, Maike, Andreas, Mark, Bailey and Svenja.

Father and daughter sharing a beer

The Hoffmann's at the train station before we left to return to Paris

Mark and Denise overlooking the harbor at Bonifacio

One of the many yachts in Bonifacio

Mark at the helm of Barez

This sailboat was pure joy to sail. I only managed to screw up one tack.

Bailey couldn't resist

Interior of Notre-Dame de Reims

Notre-Dame de Reims buttresses

Rue Rousselet, 7:00 am August 16

Scurrying around Paris on our last full day


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France 2008

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