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Being Baroque means you have no Monet...


Computer programming can be such a tedious profession. It has it's moments, but it's not something that leads to much creative expression. I've loved photography since high school, and over the years have amassed quite a bit of hardware that have shot many a roll of film. But before the advent of digital photography, there was this annoying time lag between inserting the film into the camera, finishing the roll, taking it to the photo lab and getting the finished product. So I decided to try my hand at painting. I figured it would be as close to artistic instant gratification as I could get. I'd like to think that my early work was modeled after one of my favorite artists, Claude Monet. My roommate at the time agreed that my work definitely looked like something Monet would have painted -- but only if Monet been totally devoid of talent. I concluded that paying the extra bucks for the one hour photo processing wasn't such a bad deal after all. It didn't bring instant gratification, but what alternatives did I have at the time?


Digital imaging and ever cheaper CCD chips have been a blessing to these tired old eyes. Not only have I found instant gratification, but I've actually been able to shoot pictures of Monet's pond.


Bon Ami in Journal

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